For the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, we will do the maximum efforts

Orano ATOX D&D SOLUTIONS CO., Ltd. (abbreviation ANADEC) is a Joint venture established in July 2014, as a result of the fusions of the rich experiences and the advanced D&D technologies of the worldwide French company Orano with the field force and nuclear facility servicing of the Japanese company ATOX. ANADEC aims to promote the decommissioning program of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and, furthermore, has the purpose to contribute to the D&D projects of the national nuclear facilities.
Since our establishment, ANADEC, in cooperation with Orano and ATOX, participated in 3 national projects in relation to the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (Purification technology for the sea water of the Fukushima NPP harbor, purification technology for the groundwater of the Fukushima NPP and a method to remove the fuel debris) and completed them as planned. Currently we are involved in the next stage where these technologies and method results will be applied to the actual site.
ANADEC demonstrated its ability to propose pragmatic and reliable solutions for outstanding situations.
The decommissioning of the Daiichi NPP will be an extremely difficult task that has never been encountered in the world until now, as the whole picture of the accident is not yet clearly assessed. ANADEC is willing to pay the maximum effort with the local and national governments, the domestic manufacturers and the power company in introducing the best technology to proceed with safety and reliability to the decommissioning plan of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP.

President Kazuaki ITO

Our business standards

The following rules describe ANADEC officer and employees action standards for each working situation and constitute our “Business ethics”.

1. Respecting the rules

We comply with the company rules and public regulations, always placing the human individual as the center of the system.

(1) Respecting the human being

① Safety is the priority
* We think and act with a safety objective.
* We comply with safety and security rules and regulations,

  • We implement at our working place actions which improve safety and security.
  • We guaranty the safety and security of the company staff and of the public.
  • In case an incident or accident occurs, we try to restore the situation and give help to the victims as quickly as possible.
② Preservation of the environment

* We respect the environment and comply with rules and regulations regarding the environment preservation,

  • Rational use of natural resources, especially energy.
  • Limitation and recycling of waste generated by our business activities.
③ Respecting the human rights
* We condemn discrimination and harassment according to nationality, birth, gender, beliefs, social status, physical conditions.
* Mutual respect and partnership are the values implemented in our team working.
* We create for each individual a safe working environment in which he will be able to develop his skills.

(2) Regulatory compliance

① Abiding by the law
* For the business activities, we comply with the Japanese rules and regulations and do not act against them.
② Respecting our contracts and commitments
* In our relationships with clients and other partners, we thoroughly respect the agreements and contracts.
③ Respecting the company rules
* We comply with the company rules as much as public regulations and we work honestly and accurately.
* We comply with our trading partners rules when we do service activities and when we provide a service to a customer.

(3) Managing the information

① Intellectual property
* We respect and do strict management of the intellectual property of patents and copyright,

  •  We make use of external data and information provided it is obtained honestly and without infringing intellectual property rules.
  •  Regarding internal information, we pay attention to intellectual property and to the preservation of information and its confidentiality.
② Protection of personal information
* We ensure that personal information is kept confidential. We do not disclose it to other party organizations.
③ Protection of confidential information
* We manage the confidential information (business information, know-how) with care. We do not disclose this information to third party organizations except for business needs and with the agreement of the company manager.

2.  Honest behavior

We, as ANADEC’s employees, are aware of these rules and respect them.

(1) Behavior towards commercial partners

* We build honest, moderate and reasonable relationships with our partners.

(2) Behavior towards politics and administrations

* We build honest and moderate relationships with politic and administrations.

(3) Behavior regarding social misbehavior

* We fight against anti-social behavior, always condemning it strongly whatever the mistake may be.

(4) Abuse of power

* In the company, we do not take advantage of our role and position for personal purposes.

* We do not use company goods (facilities, equipment, money, know-how) for personal needs.

3. Communication

We strive for a straightforward communication within the staff.

(1) Open talks inside the company

* Regarding every topic, every individual feels free to speak truly and honestly.

* If someone face difficulties related to our job or personal problems, he will inform his manager. Managers will help their employees if they face difficulties, whatever the problems may be.

(2) External positive communication about the company

* We communicate positively to the public; pieces of information can be disclosed provided they do not infringe the rules of professional secrecy.

The President and CEO  K. ITO

ANADEC is a Joint venture from
French nuclear reactor manufacturer ORANO and the Japanese Nuclear Services company ATOX CO., Ltd

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